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Industrial Marking Pens and Permanent Markers–Distribution Facilities and All Shippers Can Reduce Their Costs

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Almost every manufacturer, distribution facility and any company that ships products use Industrial Marking Pens for some part of the shipping process. These companies use the industrial marking pens for writing shipping addresses on boxes, they use them for checking off products on a packing slip or they use an industrial marking pen for writing information on the shrink wrap that they wind around the products placed on a skid for shipping.

Almost every company uses some kind of marking pens.  The most popular markers over the last 10-20 years has been the Sharpie Permanent Marker. But, as we all know, if you leave the cap off of the Sharpie Permanent Marker overnight, the marker will be dry the next day. Marking Pen manufacturers have developed alternatives to the Sharpie pens which will not dry out overnight.

We will use this blog to highlight some of the ITW Dykem Industrial Marking Pens that have cost advantages over the Sharpie Permanent Markers and some other brands as well.

These are a sample of the large variety of Dykem Marking Pens

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ– A Kansas City Barbeque Classic

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ restaurant deserves to be the first Kansas City restaurant review that we have included in this blog. Arthur Bryants Barbeque Restaurant has sat at the same location since 1930. It has a rich history.  For most of the early years it was just down the street from the old Kansas City Municipal Stadium. In those years the ballpark was home to the Kansas City Athletic’s baseball team and the Kansas City Chiefs football team. When these professional ball teams played ball in the stadium, the legend of Arthur Bryant’s was born. Fans would make Arthur Bryants a stop before every game. 

In 1970, Municipal Stadium was replaced with two fantastic stadiums..Arrowhead Stadium (home to the Kansas City Chiefs) and Kaufman Stadium (home to the Kansas City Royals). Eventually Municipal Stadium was torn down, but Arthur Bryant’s has survived and frankly, it has thrived. Almost every United States President and many famous actors and celebrities have been to Arthur Bryant’s over the year. Many towns can brag about their BBQ, but few Barbeque restaurants have been around as long as Arthur Bryants

Arthur Bryant’s barbeque is excellent. The beef, ribs and turkey are smoked for many hours. The meat is tender and full of the smoke flavor. The portions are huge and the prices are reasonable for the size of the portions served. They are known for their french fries as well. They are homemade fries. Two people can easily split a sandwich and fries. You cannot have BBQ without the addition of the red beverage (not officially called strawberry, but seems like it to me).

Arthur Bryant’s was one of the first BBQ restaurants in Kansas City. It started an industry in Kansas City and today there are probably over 100 BBQ restaurants in Kansas City. But, while some of these other Barbeque restaurants have great barbeque, none are any better than Arthur Bryant’s and none of them have the ambiance, history and following of Arthur Bryants. Long live the King!!

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque –The Original Location (there are other Kansas City Locations, but this is the best)

1727 Brooklyn  Avenue

Kansas City, Mo 

816-231-1123Brooklyn Avenue, K.C., MO,  816-231-1123

This is the original Arthur Bryant’s BBQ Restaurant. It is still pumping out tons of great BBQ!

Industrial Marking Pens–Manufacturers Need to Reconsider Their Use

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

It doesn’t seem like Industrial Marking Pens would be a big market. But, take a look the next time you are in a factory. Factories use them daily for all sorts of things. They use them to mark information on manufactured goods and they use them for quality control purposes. For example, you might see a manufacturer mark parts that they manufacture as the goods go down the manufacturering process. For example, they may mark the weld with a green dot to note that a quality control inspector has looked at the weld to determine its precision and strength.

The use of color marking pens has been around a long time, but the variety of manufacturing situations is as broad as the business world. Thus, industrial pen manufactuers like ITW Dykem have developed pens for almost every situation. We will use this blog to highlight many of the alternative industrial marking pen alternatives and especially place a lot of focus on the ITW Dykem Industrial Marking Pen solutions.

The following is a sample of some of the Dykem Pens.

These are sample of a few of the Dykem Markers