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Dykem Brite Mark

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Dykem Brite-Mark paint markers are the basic permanent marker for all your industrial needs. They offer consistent, permanent paint that stands out and stays on, on almost any surface. Brite-Mark pens are offered in fine, broad and regular tips that are easily replaceable. This is helpful in avoiding common pitfalls like dried-out pens because someone left the top off or broken tips from pressing to hard while writing. Brite-Mark also offers there pens in is what are called “blister cards,” the cardboard merchandising package so that the pens can be bought and/or resold in single volume in a attractive, protective packaging. As with many of the other markers in their line, Brite-Mark is not xylene-based, xylene is a flammable solvent that cannot be used in certain settings and environments.

DYKEM® BRITE-MARK® is a general purpose permanent marker ideal for making clear, bold markings on almost any surface. Its quick drying, oil-based paint withstands indoor and outdoor conditions without fading, chipping or losing its opacity. DYKEM® BRITE-MARK® can be used to permanently identify inventory, assemblies, tools, finished products or work-in-progress while resisting most work related abuses or compounds.

  • Formula is not xylene-based
  • Make permanent bright marks on metal, rubber, plastic, glass, concrete, leather, stone, wood, vinyl and more
  • Valve action mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when cap is left off
  • Heavy duty aluminum body with large paint capacity
  • Ideal for color coding
  • Bullet tips are replaceable to ensure complete use of paint in each marker
  • Drying Time: 25 – 35 seconds

ITW Dykem Brite Mark H2O - Black

Brite-Mark® Blister Carded Improve your DYKEM® merchandising by using Blister Carded Brite-Mark® products. This convenient packaging makes for easier merchandising by allowing retailers to display individual markers versus setting out an entire box of markers when space is limited. Hang product on hooks, peg boards or clip strips.

  • Attractive design showcases product to your customer
  • Allows customer to purchase one marker at a time
  • Helps control theft

-product specifications provided by

Where Zud gets it cleansing power

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Zud heavy duty cleanser, powder soap gets is tremendous cleaning power from a compound called oxalic acid.  Oxalic acid is used in other household chemical products such as Bar Keeper’s Friend, a variety of bleaches, and some rustproofing treatments.  According to Wikipedia wood restorers where the acid dissolves away a layer of dry surface wood to expose fresh material underneath Zud can be useful and can be used as an additive to automotive wheel cleaners.

When this powerful compound is combined with pumice and finely ground quartz (as it is in Zud), Zud’s clean-scrubbing mixture is hard to top.  A manufacturer’s note recommends avoiding excessive scrubbing on fiberglass surfaces.  Zud can be sold in any quantity, but comes packaged in cases of 12.

Liquid Zud is also available.  It is sold in 19 oz. bottles, for a cleaner and easier method of application.  Liquid Zud is suitable all the same situations but particularly useful for situations like tile, kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

Cinch makes multi-surface cleaning… a cinch.

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

According to Cinch’s website, Cinch is the “original multi-surface cleaner”.  The major benefit to Cinch is that it cleans so well, but more importantly that you can clean surfaces and glass with it.  So you won’t need two, three, four cleaning products to clean your home.  All you need is Cinch.  According to the website it offers a “streak free” glass cleaing performance, while maintaining a cleaning compound strong enough to sufficiently cleaning counter top, appliances, etc…

“Cinch dissolves grease on contact and dries evenly, so everything is left streak-free. Cinch cleans windows to a streak-free shine! It’s great on windows, mirrors, patio doors, glass tabletops, windshields and more! Cinch cleans appliances, chrome, stovetops, stainless steel, countertops, fiberglass and walls, without leaving a dulling film behind.”

In my experience, they are not far from the mark.  Cinch does offer a great window cleaning treatment, and does a good job on certain -smooth- surfaces.  I found that the product did struggle with really tough stains that I had to use a bleach or oxalic-based cleaner on, but all in all, Cinch met and exceeded my expectations.

Valve Action Paint Markers

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

The Brite-Mark H2O paint marker is a great, reliable option when VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and Xylene are an issue in usage settings. Xylene is a clear, colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable. Like many solvents, xylene can be used as an inhalant drug for its intoxicating properties. According to Xylene exhibits neurological effects. High levels from exposure for acute (14 days or less) or chronic periods (more than 1 year) can cause headaches, lack of muscle coordination, dizziness, confusion, and changes in one’s sense of balance. Exposure of people to high levels of xylene for short periods can also cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat, difficulty in breathing and other problems with the lungs, delayed reaction time, memory difficulties, stomach discomfort, and possibly adverse effects on the liver and kidneys. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere.

As you can see these ingredients can have serious effects when abused or used on a national or global scale. While some situations call for strong markers that exhibit these properties, they should and can be avoided whenever possible due to their effects on human health as well as the environment. Brite-Mark H20 is a great permanent marking option that offers a green alternative, without sacrificing quality, performance and longevity.

DYKEM® BRITE-MARK® H2O is a general purpose water-based marker ideal for making clear, bold markings on almost any surface in environments where VOC issues and Xylene use is a concern. DYKEM® BRITE-MARK® H2O can be used to permanently identify inventory, assemblies, tools, finished products or work-in-progress while resisting most work related abuses or compounds.

  • Vibrant colors
  • Excellent opacity
  • Not a xylene based formula
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC
  • High flash point >212° F

-product detail provided by

Aerosols and Smog; VOC’s

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Generally the public has had concerns about the use of aerosols in today’s world, and the constant focus on each person’s carbon footprint –the amount of carbon dioxide a person emits, either directly or indirectly- has everyone taking a second look at their everyday activities in relation to the health and well-being of the environment.

One major environmental focus is air pollution, more specifically the lowest level of the atmosphere, the air we live and breathe in. As far as this level of the atmosphere goes, the major concern has been/is aerosols contribution to smog, lowering the quality of the air we breathe and its affect on global warming.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) released into the air, react with sunlight and nitrogen oxides to create smog. While aerosols do in fact contribute slightly to smog because they admit VOC’s, the interaction is minimal. According to the EPA aerosols -as a whole- contribute a mere 5% of the total man-made VOC’s in the atmosphere and significantly less than that when taking natural sources of VOC into account (such as cows, trees and wetlands).

Efforts by manufacturers to go green have not only led to the elimination of CFC’s in aerosols in the U.S. (and almost world-wide), but also a significant reduction in the emission of VOC’s and propellants produced in general. Some aerosol products made by Technical Concepts (Microburst 3000, 9000 Odor Neutralizers) offer 60% less VOC’s their any of their industry counterparts. The more pressure the public puts on manufacturers to go green, the more it offers a competitive advantage to those that are, and in turn forces everyone else to follow suite.