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Microburst 3000 Fragrances

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

So there’s benefits, options, a display, programming and installation for the Microburst 3000, but this dispenser’s job is to make a room smell good. Thanks to the patented Microburst actuator, powerful and highly concentrated fragrances can effectively be dispersed, making the Microburst 3000 a very low cost odor control system. All Microburst 3000 fragrances contain Microtrans Odor Neutralizing technology to effectively break down and eliminate malodors.

No matter what benefits, settings or features this smart little device offers, they would be lost without a wide range of enjoyable fragrances to choose from. Ranging from delightful to delicious the Microburst 3000 offers variety of fragrances, each with its own unique set of smells to fit every room, environment or desired situation. The fragrances include Raspberry & green tea, cucumber melon, herbal garden, linen fresh, orchard fields, mountain peaks, ocean breeze, country delight, cinnamon spice, mandarin orange, mango, vanilla, or a preference pack to let you try a variety of the fragrances (See the Fragrances article [coming soon] with more detailed information on scents and intensities of the Microburst 3000 line of fragrances).

The importance of respecting, maintaining and improving the health of our planet is at an all-time high. Air pollution comes from different sources and has many harmful effects; although national air quality has improved over the last 20 years (according to the EPA), many challenges remain. The Microburst refills contain 63 percent less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) per spray than a standard aerosol. The Microburst 3000 was awarded an Innovative Product Exemption from the California Air Resource Board for reducing the amount of VOC emissions that are dispersed into the air. The micro-molecules spray of Microburst 3000 aerosols provide greater coverage and long lasting odor-neutralizing and fragrancing using less propellants. Furthermore, the highly concentrated quality fragrances in smaller refill cans mean less waste.

Further general technical specifications include the benefit of a keyless lock, preventing refill theft without a key (optional keyed lock available from Technical Concepts). Easy wall-mounting installation, simply find a stud on the wall and position the dispenser at a minimum height of 7’ (2.2m) and hang on the supplied screws and anchors. To top it all off the Microburst 3000 dispensers are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Aerosol Recyling

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Did you know a majority of Aerosol refill cans that are manufactured for odor neutralizing products are made of tin-plated steel which is easily recyclable. It can simply be sorted with the rest of your steel containers. Furthermore, of aerosol cans currently manufactures are made up of, up to 25% recycled material.

Given the public’s concern about solid waste disposal, the aerosol industry teamed with the steel industry to promote the collection of empty aerosol cans in recycling programs nationwide. In most neighborhoods you can simply leave them curbside or take them to a recycling buy-back/drop-off center near you. Aerosol cans that are made of aluminum are recyclable as well. To ensure your local recycling center accepts aerosol cans go to .

Commerical Construction Magazine

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Commercial Construction Magazine is the result of the merger of Hospitality Construction Magazine with Retail Construction Magazine, two segment-leading publications owned and operated by D&D Communications Group, LLC.

The bi-monthly publication reports on the design, construction and facilities operations of major commercial construction segments, including retail, hospitality, restaurant, education, corrections and more. The content is designed to meet the information needs of high-level executives, especially the collaborative management process needed to complete projects on time and on budget, and to manage these facilities efficiently.

Commercial Construction Magazine is the official publication of the Commercial Construction Show, a national trade show focused on the design, construction and facilities operations of commercial real estate.

The magazine also sponsors annual retreats for retail, hospitality and restaurant executives.

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Local Severe Weather Updates, can be a life-saver

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

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In transition from spring to summer, there are constant temperature changes, which have the ability to lead to drastic weather changes as well.  This weather can include rain, thunder, lightening, high winds, tornadic activity and flooding.  To be more aware of the weather in your area several news stations offer a free or pay service to update you via email and mobile phone of severe weather in your area.  Below is some info on one such program in the Kansas City area (Channel 9, Weather Call).  It is pretty neat and in my opinion well worth the $6 a year.

In cooperation with Channel 9 are bringing a state-of-the art personal storm warning service to our 8 county listening area. WeatherCall™ combines advanced technology now in use by the National Weather Service with robust emergency telephone notification. Chief Meteorologist, Bryan Busby will call you on the telephone and/or send you an email if your location falls inside a specific warning area, 24 hours a day. This potentially life saving service is available for a subscription rate of only $6.95  per year for new customers $6.00 for renewal . Renewal 1 year from original date of purchase.

The WeatherCall system is continuously monitoring the National Weather Service’s NOAA weatherwire.  Unlike the decades-old county-wide warning method, WeatherCall uses the new NWS storm-based warning technology, GIS (computerized mapping), and then compares a subscriber’s exact location to the specific warning area.  When a severe weather warning includes your location, the system will immediately notify you through telephone calls, SMS text messaging to your mobile phone, email or all of these methods that severe weather is in your IMMEDIATE area.

Sky Scapes 101

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

SKy-Scapes are florescent light diffusers, sounds high tech doesn’t it?  Well don’t worry, its quite simple.  Sky-Scapes are basically a colored lense that you put over your existing florescent lighting.  It is a great way to spruce up what can me drab and hypnotizing glow of florescent lights.  Now when I say colors, I really mean pictures; cool, relaxing, happy and even vibrant pictures.  There is no better way to spruce up an office, hospital, dentist’s office or any type of pediatric care center.  There are numerous types of Sky-Scapes, but here are just a few…

Dilbert themes

Cloud themes

Ocean themes

Flower themes


American Flag

Animal themes



While looking for information on Sky-Scapes, I found this very helpful FAQ on Skyman’s website,  It answers just about every question you could come up with when considering a sky-scape purchase…

How do you install Sky-Scapes®?

Sky-Scapes®are very easy to install. Most installation can be done in minutes with minimal effort and only a few simple tools. For more information on how to installSky-Scapes®, you can download and view our simple instructions here.

Are Sky-Scapes® fire rated?

Yes! Sky-Scapes® are fire rated. Dowload the MSDS info here.

What sizes are available?

Sky-Scapes®come in a standard size designed to fit most fluorescent fixtures. They are 23 3/4 x 47 3/4. You can trim them with a simple razor knife to fit smaller sizes.

Are custom designs available for the panels?

We are able to create custom Sky-Scapes® on orders of 100 or more. Our unique fabrication process makes it possible to insert your company logo or custom design. Please contact us to find out more about custom designs.

Do Sky-Scapes® cut down on the amount of light output?

Sky-Scapes® remove unwanted glare and harsh lighting effects. It may seem slightly darker in the room, at first, but in a short time you will notice an improvement in the quality and effectiveness of your light.

Reducing the glare and harsh lighting effects with Sky-Scapes® has proven to be highly effective in decreasing eye strain, migraine headaches and daily pain from Lupus. Sky-Scapes® have also proven very useful in classrooms in helping children with ADHD and autism. When placed in medical and dental facilities patients were more comfortable resulting in easier and quicker treatment.

Do I need special light bulbs for the Sky-Scapes®?

No. They can be used with standard fluorescent light bulbs. Using full spectrum color corrected fluorescent light bulbs will produce a brighter, cleaner, crisper light. For full specifications on full spectrum fluorescent bulbs please contact SkyMan.

Why use Full Spectrum bulbs?

Our full spectrum bulbs have four times the life span of a regular fluorescent bulb and emit more light per watt of energy. They improve visual clarity with high color temperature while adding a natural appearance. You can see and feel the difference full spectrum lighting creates in a room.

Can I use full spectrum fluorescent bulbs with Sky-Scapes®?

Yes. Many Dental and other office environments currently use color corrected full spectrum lighting.

What side of the Sky-Scapes® panel should face up?

For best results the rough side should face your light bulbs and the shiny side should be visible. For a more diffused look you may reverse them.

Do I have to cut a hole in my ceiling to install Sky-Scapes®?

No. Sky-Scapes® replace your existing fluorescent light diffusers and do not require any special modifications to your ceiling.

Are the panels flexible enough to do a dome type ceiling?

Yes. Sky-Scapes® panels are flexible. They are not hard plastic but are bendable and can conform to curves in lighting structures.