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Vinyl Gloves 101

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Our powder-free vinyl gloves are made from a combination of ethylene and chlorine to form poly vinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC. They contain no protein and, consequently, lead to few or no irritations. Vinyl gloves are quite durable, but be sure to wear them in the right situations – short term, non-invasive tasks with no potential exposure to infectious fluids (Our hardier third-generation synthetic gloves are a better option). With powder-free type vinyl gloves, there are no floating particles, which helps maintain cleaner surroundings. This has the added benefit of reducing patient complications. Our powder-free vinyl gloves are clear in color with a looser, roomy fit. The beaded cuff helps prevent rollback. All in all, they are an excellent, economical utilitarian glove.

Our powdered vinyl gloves are delicately dusted with USP cornstarch, so they’re easy to slip on and off. There’s just the right amount of powder too! After consistent use, you are less likely to have that permanent “pasty” film on your hands. Made from poly vinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl gloves contain no latex whatsoever which minimizes the odds of allergies and irritations. They are durable enough for low-risk, short-term procedures but, we caution against wearing them in situations where there is potential exposure to blood or other bodily fluids. For a few pennies more, we’d recommend our hardier third-generation synthetic gloves instead. Regardless, powdered vinyl gloves are an excellent, economical all-purpose option with a relaxing, looser fit.