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10 Things. Vol:2

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011


I know I said “10 Things” was a Monday article. And I am aware that today is Tuesday, but it just so happens that yesterday was Memorial Day, and I had to take the time out to remember the fallen soldiers and family members that served in our great military.

But lets jump back right into the swing of “things”. On our last “10 Things” article we learned the variety of uses of WD-40, today we are continuing with our multi-purpose item list with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. Baking soda is inexpensive, non-toxic, effective and multipurpose; long used as a refrigerator deodorant and a dough rising agent, baking soda literally has hundreds of uses! [of course, staying with the theme I will only use 10]

  1. Boost the strength of your liquid laundry detergent by adding a half cup to your regular load. It gives the water a pH balance and allows the detergent to work harder. You can also use this trick when washing dishes
  2. Remove gel and product buildup from hair. Sprinkle a tablespoon in hand when washing your hair and wash as usual.
  3. Soothe posion ivy rash and insect bites. Make a paste and apply directly onto affected skin
  4. Brush your teeth. Run out of toothpaste? Make use of the soda in your refrigerator as a natural whitener and breath freshener. You can also boost the strength of regular toothpaste by dipping your toothbrush in baking soda and brushing as usual.
  5. Dissolve in a bath to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  6. Use it as an antacid by dissolving a teaspoon in a glass of water to relieve indigestion, heartburn and upset stomach
  7. Keep a container by your kitchen stove to quickly put out grease and electrical fires safely.
  8. Flush one cup down your toilet every month to help maintain your septic system. The baking soda keeps an ideal pH balance and removes a lot of grime that will save a lot of maintenance cost in the future.
  9. Make a clay by combining 1 and 1/4 cups of water, 2 cups baking soda and 1 cup cornstarch.
  10. Use as a natural underarm deodorant by throwing a handful under your arms to keep you nice and fresh.
Some of these you probably knew, some you didn’t, but hopefully the cheap, practical tips were helpful in giving you new uses for leftover baking soda around the home or business.

Kimberly-Clark “140 Years of Value”

Friday, May 27th, 2011

No, Kimberly-Clark is not a person. It is another of SupplyHero’s biggest manufacturers. I just wanted to take the time to give you a background and history of their company. As a hero, I’ve always believed knowledge is power. If you know a lot about the manufacturer, you can be secure of the safety, reliability and trustworthiness of the product you are buying. Unlike a few other manufacturers on our site, you most definitely have heard of Kimberly-Clark and its brands. Kimberly-Clark brands you may recognize are:

  • Kleenex Facial Tissue
  • Scott Bathroom Tissue
  • Huggies Diapers
  • Pull-Ups Training Pants
  • Kotex Sanitary Napkins
  • Poise Bladder Leakage Protection
  • Depends Adult Diapers
K-C has been in business for 140 years and has maintained a #1 or #2 spot in worldwide market share for their categories of products. Kimberly-Clark has four company core values that they work by every day.
  1. Authenticity – Be honest, have integrity and do the right thing
  2. Accountability – Take ownership business and future.
  3. Innovativeness – Committed to new ideas that make sense and have an impact
  4. Caring – K-C cares about the community they live in work in.
Aside from being reliable and long running the Kimberly-Clark corporation is innovative (I know I say that in every post, but hey, I take pride in carrying the best on my site). Their commitment to creating products that promote a better life has driven to INVENT more than half of their product categories. Meaning, the products you take for granted as standard, were created by Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark company invented facial tissue, paper towels, toilet paper on a roll, feminine pads and disposable training pants.
Invention didn’t stop them from improving on their products and remaining on the top. In recent years, some innovations of theirs include:
  • MyKleenex Tissue, which allows users to customize their own personal Kleenex box
  • Viva brand paper towel. 1-ply towel stronger than its 2-ply counterparts and with a cloth-like feel
  • Rapid Dissolving toilet tissue, to lessen clogging toilet drains
  • First electronic bathroom tissue dispenser.
  • Secure-fit medical glove
  • and many more
I dont doubt for a second that Kimberly-Clark company will continue with their success and innovations. You can visit the K-C website HERE. It has tons of information and great stories on their history and how the inventions came about.

Especially About American Specialties

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

American Specialties is another major manufacturer and big seller here at SupplyHero. When deciding on the best way to summarize the company and what kind of products they make, I found the best summary right on their website.

American Specialties, Inc. (ASI), located in Yonkers, NY (Westchester County) is a leading manufacturer of commercial stainless steel washroom accessories. Products include: commercial mechanical paper towel dispensers, commercial automatic paper towel dispensers, automatic hand dryers –TURBO Dri and the only fully-recessed dryer available, baby changing stations, grab bars, commercial bathroom mirrors, toilet paper dispensers, manual soap dispensers, automatic soap dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers, commercial trash cans, bathroom shelves, shower seats, commercial medicine cabinets, and sanitary napkin and tampon dispensers. This Division 10 manufacturer offers washroom accessories specifically designed for educational, healthcare and security facilities as well as manufacturing custodial accessories. ASI offers four collections of complementary designed products: Roval Collection – curved face, elegant, durable, exceptionally functional, and engineered better than any other product in its class; Profile Collection – visually appealing with rounded edges; Simplicity Collection – seamless construction and crisp design lines provide strength and comfort, beauty and durability, form and function; and Traditional Collection – high value products that have passed the test of time.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Roval Collection gives the feeling of elegance without dominating and overpowering the bathroom. They tend to lend a business like high profile feeling and are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the notable features of products in this class are that they:

  • have a curved design with a stainless steel finish
  • automatic locking systems
  • heavy duty piano hinges that make it durable and strong
  • full access to the back panels that make for easy installation
  • and fully removable waste receptacles that make it easy to clean.
Notable Roval Collection products includes include:
The Profile Collection is manufactured with durable 16 gauge stainless steel doors and 20 gauge cabinet doors. The products in this category are built long use and heavy traffic, and with the rounded edges that distinguish them, they are an attractive asset to any bathroom.
Great Profile Collection products are:
The Simplicity Collection is just as it name says. Simple. No over the top designs, functional and lends a sense of dependability. Some of the most popular Simplicity collection products are:
The Traditional Collection is one that has stood the test of time. With its 22 gauge construction, space saving sizes and visually pleasing appearance, products in the Traditional Collection seem almost romantic. These fit bathrooms that you want to achieve a simple, traditional elegance.
  • The Multi-purpose Cabinet is one that would probably be perfect for a ladies bathroom. It combines a shelf, mirror, paper towel dispenser and a 101 fl. oz soap dispenser
  • Free Standing Waste Receptacle is for those who dont want to bother with connecting a waste receptacle to a wall or recessing it into a wall. Simple, classic and gets the job done.
  • Circular counter-top chute is a space saver. Simply insert into a pre-prepared hole in a counter with a trashcan positioned beneath it to catch falling waste.
Hopefully one of these collections will just the right fit for what you are looking for to perfectly complement your businesses bathroom.

10 Things. Vol:1

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Today, I debut to you, the first ever edition of “10 Things”. A article brought to you every Monday to give ten helpful hints to make your life a cinch.

I love to save money. It’s a hobby of mine, and as a hero, I would be remiss is I didn’t help you do the same. One way I save my money is using common household items for more than one use. There are 3 products I am particularly fond of, I like to call them the “Trifecta of Multi-purpose Mulititude”. These products are WD-40Arm and Hammer Baking Soda and Fels Naptha Laundry Soap. Very inexpensive products that can stretch farther in a budget than you probably thought possible.

Part 1 of this list will highlight WD-40. It has long been put in the same group as other multi-purpose heavy hitters such as duct-tape and petroleum jelly. The WD-40 website actually has a list of 2000 known uses. Yes, you read that right. Two THOUSAND uses. Over the years the makers of the products have had users to submit their own uses of WD-40 and compiled them into a list. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to keep it simple with ten.

1. WD-40 can be used to pick up crayon and marker stains from carpet and furniture.

2. Remove Super Glue or nail glue stuck on your hands by spraying a bit onto the glue and rubbing it around until it comes off. This can also be used to remove glue on other surfaces

3. Spray it directly onto your windowsills and door frames to prevent insects and spiders from entering into a building.

4. Spray WD-40 into a bee sting to instantly take the pain away.

5. If by some chance you get chewing gum stuck in your or your child’s hair, don’t panic and reach for a pair of scissors, spray some of the lubricant into the hair. It combs right out. Be careful to use in a well ventilated area and avoid the eyes.

6. Tone down polyurethane glare (the stuff you wax your floor with). Polyurethane can sometime make your wood floors look too shiny. Spraying WD-40 onto a cloth and wiping it on the floor will tone it down.

7. Spray WD-40 on new leather shoes before you start wearing them regularly. It will help prevent blisters by softening the leather and making the shoes more comfortable. Keep the shoes waterproof and shiny by spraying them periodically with WD-40 and buffing gently with a soft cloth.

8. Relieve arthritis symptoms by rubbing it directly into the aching joint to relieve pain for up to a couple of hours. Many arthritics swear by this treatment (but I would consult a doctor just in case on this one.)

9. Camouflages scratches on ceramic and marble counter tops and floors.

10. Removes black scuff marks from flooring.

As a disclaimer, WD-40 is a chemical product and can be harmful to your health if used improperly. Please be mindful and use common sense when dealing with it. Read the instructions on the packaging and always take heed of the warnings.

You can find the complete list of uses for WD-40 HERE

Random Confessions and Bathroom Innovations.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Using the bathroom is a daily part of life and I think sometimes we don’t notice just how much technology and thinking goes into making using a public facility a comfortable experience. Today you can go into a public restroom and not have to touch a thing but the door handle, sometimes not even that, if it is a swinging door or and open bathroom.

So I, SupplyHero, have a confession to make. I am a hero of many likes; I like action movies, bubblegum, the color red and I LOVE supplies (of course); but I do not like germs. I am not a germophobe. I would never be scared of germs (I’m a hero, we’re never afraid), I prefer to be called…a germ eliminator. Yes, eliminator. I scour the earth finding the best products to fight the pesky little buggers that cause people to get sick.

Any germophobe…erm, I mean, ELIMINATOR.. can tell you that the thought of using a public restroom is enough to make them break out in hives. But today, they can walk into a public bathroom and use a sanitary toilet seat cover, the toilets flush automatically, the sinks turn on and off by themselves, the soap and paper towels use sensor technology. Turning what used to be a very germ infested situation into a hygienic and clean process.

Would you like to know who makes these products, where your business can get them and what address you can send the thank-you note?

Technical Concepts is one of SupplyHero’s most popular and biggest sellers. A subsidiary of Rubbermaid, they are a highly innovative leader in washroom sanitary solutions. Technical Concepts is committed to creating products that promote health and have little to no damage to the environment. They are the creators of many of the worlds first, and sometimes only, innovations in toilet hygiene products.

Let me speak on one of my personal favorites, the hand soap dispensers. Technical Concepts loves to give variety and a wide selection of products to fit whatever their customers need or want. For instance, they have the Foaming Gel System, the Enriched Foam, Liquid Soap and Spray Soap.

What are the advantages and differences between them all?

the Foaming Gel System has a smart sensor, controlled dosing. Guaranteed to have no clogs, leaks or drips. it mounts on a wall or mirror in less than 2 minutes. The soap it uses is lavender colored with a clean, fresh fragrance. Containing glycerin, it leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.

Enriched Foam system uses a highly concentrated controlled soap dispensing system that give up to 2000 hand washes per refill.  Free n’ Clean Enriched Foam hand soap has a special skin conditioning formula, that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. Each refill comes with a new pump preventing repair costs and maintenance time.

Spray Soap System is ideal for hospitals and medical facilities. The dispenser is cost saving by using smaller amounts of soap per hand wash. It improves hygiene by utilizing the a spray technique and cleansing action that maximizes coverage of hands. Spray soap is environmentally responsible by being over 96% biodegradable and its compact design makes it easy to fit anywhere. Spray Soap with Moisturizers unique formula kills over 99% of germs. It is fragrance and dye free and mild enough for frequent use.

Technical Concepts has two Liquid Soap dispensing systems. AutoSoap OneShot and SoapWorks. AutoSoap One Shot is an automatic sensor based soap system and one of the best soap systems out there. An easy 5 minute installation into an already existing hole, the One Shot is low maintenance and low cost. Completely hands free and eco-friendly, the One Shot gives a healthier hand washing experience.  The dispensers take a Green Seal® certified soap for those with extra sensitive skin. It also has a very pleasing honeysuckle fragrance that remains with the hand washer.

Those of you with germ eliminator tendencies such as I, have quite a selection to choose from. Each has its own unique virtue and well…you just can’t go wrong with any of them. This was just a snapshot of all the benefits of these soap systems. If you want to read more for yourself Click Here