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Bobrick Eclipse No Touch Hand Dryer

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011


Hand dryers! I love them. There are so many different styles, velocities and brands, it can be hard to choose what exactly is right for you. Today I will highlighting the Bobrick Eclipse Hand Dryer.

The Bobrick Eclipse hand dryer (BOB  is a “no-touch” sensor operated dryer with a contemporary design. The sleek circular design gives a modern design to a traditional bathroom. It is an eye catching steel with a white enamel finish, yet blends perfectly into your restrooms decor.

This warm air hand dryer is state of the art surface mounted durable piece of machinery. This hand dryer has no nozzles or push buttons so it promotes hygiene by reducing the risk of contracting germs.

Unlike other hand dryers on the market that sound similar to a freight train passing by, the operation of the Bobrick Eclipse is quiet.

In the event that an inanimate object is placed under the dryer and causes the dryer to begin operation, the sensor contained in the dryer will cause it to automatically shut off after 1-1/2 minutes. This reduces your cost because it will not waste a ton of energy when unattended. And one of the best features of this product? A ten year manufacturers warranty.

This hand dryer comes in 115 volts and 230 volts for the exact same price. There is also a all stainless steel finish version.

Dimensions: 15-13/32w x 7-17/32d x 8-7/8h.

bobrick hand dryer eclipse

Office Break Room Snacks at Supply Hero

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


I always seem to highlight the washroom accessories and air fresheners we have here at the Hero. I can’t help it, they are just a couple of my favorite things. But as a hero, I do like to keep a full belly, you can’t fight high prices on a empty stomach. Which is why Supply Hero sells office break room snacks and goodies. It’s a fairly small part of our site and not highly publicized, but none the less, they are there. We boast a wide selection of office and snack products from cereals to candies to microwaveable soups. And dont forget we also have the very delectable, homemade jams in our Jam Shoppe.

breakfast cereal snack food office office break room snacks office break room snacks nutri-grain bars office break room snacks nuts

Heroic Memories of a Supply Hero

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

You may not know this, but the new movie “Captain America” is loosely based on my life. Not to be a spoiler, but everything the character did in the movie…yep, I did it. That was in my beginning hero years when I still believed that you had to do more strenuous activities for people to know you are heroic. Don’t get me wrong, I was GREAT at foiling the efforts of villains intent on taking over the world. But I have settled and found my niche, I fight a much more prevalent villain nowadays…the economy and increased prices. I get you business, janitorial and office supplies for the lowest prices possible. Unlike a lot of heroes, Im not flashy (no offence to my friend, Flash!) I simply love to help YOU.

Speaking of flash. Check out this 500 watt halogen work light. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

Have a heroic day!

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Rubbermaid Mega Brute Waste Receptacle-RCP 9W73 BLA

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011


It’s big, Its strong, and It takes out a lot of trash. No, I’m not talking about myself. Today I present to you a rolling trash container of Super Hero proportions.

The Rubbermaid Mega Brute Roll-out Waste Container (RCP 9W73 BLA) is large waste containing system that is easy to maneuver. It allows you to collect large amounts of waste with its 120 gallon or 400 pound capacity.  Shown with Mega Brute® Lid, RCP 9W72 (which is sold separately). The Mega Brute is a versatile, high-capacity waste collection and sorting system. Ergonomic rear doors allow easy waste removal to reduce worker strain and a integrated storage area holds can liners and cleaning supplies. Large 12″ wheels and locking 5″ nonmarking swivel casters are mounted in “diamond” pattern for 360° rotation. Can liner retainer secures a 55-gallon liner and flips up for access to waste storage area. The rubbermaid receptacle holds an optional 23-gallon Slim Jim® container (RCP 3540, sold separately) for improved waste sorting and recycling.

Shipping weight and dimension:

27-1/2w x 52-1/2d x 42-1/2h

Shpg. wt. 74 lbs.

mega brute roll out container

Technical Concepts Air Freshener Scents, Microburst 9000 refills–An Honest Review.

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Here at the Hero, we get countless calls asking to recommend the best scent for their Technical Concepts air freshener systems. You all want to know a description of the scents. So I decided to do a review of the Microburst 9000 and 3000 symphony of scents. As a disclaimer, I enjoy all of the fragrances available.  The Technical Concepts Microburst 9000 refill scents vary from lighter fragrances to a more powerful penetrating scent, so depending on your preference there is a perfect one for your needs. Lets begin!

Stronger Scents:

  • Mandarin OrangeVery fruity citrus scent that smells sort of like a orange Popsicle. If you tend to gravitate towards fruity scents that make an impact, try this refill.
  • Mango–Also fruity like the mandarin orange but a bit lighter. it also contains a slight hint of an almost floral fragrance.
  • Blue Splash–This fragrance highly reminds me of less powerful men’s cologne. It is a scent perfect for the manly man’s environment. Not to fruity and not to soft. Just right.
  • Cinnamon–Much as you would expect, this has the distinct scent of cinnamon. If you like the smell of Big Red cinnamon bubblegum, you will love the aura this gives an office or home
  • Cucumber Melon–Cucumber Melon encompasses more melon than cucumber. It is very fragrant and
Lighter Scents
  • Ocean Breeze–This refill is surprisingly spicy. A breeze with a bite. You would expect maybe the scent of fresh air or water. But it is more along the line of a cool perfume.
  • Vanilla–this refill will leave a low key aroma to fill any area you put it in. It is noticeable, yet it fades into the background.
  • Country Delight–is a general soft sweet smelling aroma. its hard to identify what it the scent is similar to, but it leaves a homey impression in any atmosphere this refill is used in.
  • Linen Fresh–Linen Fresh is indeed fresh. This refill most closely resembles the clean smell of fbric softener.
  • Mountain PeaksMountain Peaks can be described as “fresh”. The scent is similar to what you might expect the outdoors to smell like. Or as close as you can get with a air freshener. This seems like a light deodorizer type scent and is, indeed, very refreshing.
  • Orchard Fields–this refill has the distinct scent of wildflowers. Gives a very floral atmosphere to your surroundings.
Have you chosen your favorite yet? I also should point out, if you just cant make up your mind, there is the Preference Pack. This is a case of five scents ( Linen Fresh, Orchard Fields, Mountain Peaks, Country Garden, Ocean Breeze) so that you can try out one at a time to find out which one you prefer.
technical concepts microburst 9000 refills