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Fight the Chilly Cold Weather w/ a Space Heater.

Friday, October 28th, 2011


It’s that time again. The chilly weather of Autumn and Winter has arrived. Time to put away the shades and swimsuits and grab the gloves and parkas. If you are like me, the cold weather is the bane of your existence every year. To counteract the chill I always keep a heater at my feet. I stock a number of space heaters and industrial heaters here on my site. The variety varies from the low priced desk heater to home heating radiator.

honeywell space heater


Supplyhero Is a Movie Star!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


Well…not really, but we do have a Youtube page. Check us out so that you can receive helpful hints, tips and product reviews from one of our Hero Helpers!

ITW Dymon Dry Breeze

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

As you all know, I love some innovative technology. The more unique and effective the product, the more have to have it here on my site. Today, I bring to you the ITW Dry Breeze air freshener.

Whats so ground breaking about an air freshener?

Well for one thing, this air freshener is dry. No messy, wet particles fall out when in use, it just leaves a natural freshness in the air. The Dry Breeze is highly effective at combating the hard to eliminate smells of cigarette smoke and other hard to get rid of smells. The dry Breeze also comes with a special valve that allows the user to even spray upside down, so that lower areas can be reached without having to bend down.

The aerosol air freshener comes in a case of 12 twenty ounce cans. This case can easily last up to a year.

itw dymon dry breeze air freshener

Bradley 5942 Recessed Combination Toilet Paper Dispenser and Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Partition recessed products are very popular. They save space, look professional and attractive in washrooms and, because this particular unit is a combination unit, it is convenient for the end user.

The Bradley 5932 Recessed combination toilet paper dispenser and sanitary napkin receptacle is all satin finish stainless steel. The dispenser is also hinged so that it can refill both sides from one side of a partition. Because this product is partition mounted, it contains a black privacy shield in the center of the unit. it contains no open holes or spaces that can compromise the sense of privacy.

The Bradley unit takes two standard 5 in diameter toilet paper rolls. Requires rough wall opening 15-1/2″W x 18-1/4″H x 4″D. Top of wall opening 4’0″ above finished floor. For Barrier-free applications, top of wall opening 2’8″ above finished floor. Secure with mounting screws (included) at holes provided.

Overall dimensions: 17-1/8″W x 20″H x 4-1/4″D.

bradley combination toilet paper dispenser and sanitary napkin receptacle

Paper Towels Versus Hand Dryers: Which Suits Your Business Need Better?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Ok. Today let’s talk paper towels versus hand dryers and the pros and cons of both. Many Supply Hero customers have a hard time choosing which is the better option for them. Are looking for the more environmentally friendly option? The more low cost? Which ever is easier?

Paper Towel Pros

  • Fast and efficient
  • No wait time, users can just grab and go
  • Provides a barrier between the user and a germy surface such as a door knob or faucet

Hand Dryer Pros

  • Efficient and sanitary
  • Environmentally friendly
  • One time cost, lasts for years

Paper Towel Cons

  • Continued expense
  • Can be messy with used towels littering the floor around wastebaskets
  • Unless made from recycled materials, paper towels are not very environmentally friendly

Hand Dryer Cons

  • more expensive to fix or replace if it breaks down
  • Even the most advanced hand dryers can use up to 2000 watts of energy. Increasing energy consumption
  • increased drying time