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Technical Concepts Instant Hand Sanitizer System

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like WINTER, and with the chilly weather of the season, come the cold chills of the flu. It’s especially important to protect your self, home and business environments from these buggy germs. One way is to keep hand sanitizer on..well, hand.

TC Hand Sanitizers and Dispensers are the perfect way for you to sanitize your hands without water, soap and towels. TC Moisturizing Instant Hand Sanitizer has proven in laboratory tests to kill 99.99% of pathogenic micro-organisms on the skin, reducing cross contamination and helping prevent the spread of disease.

Unlike traditional gels, Technical Concepts hand sanitizer dries quickly and leaves a non-sticky feel. A unique combination of natural moisturizing ingredients help retain your skin’s moisture, even with repeated use – an average of 16% added moisture to your skin as proven in clinical tests.

Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Wall-mounted, manual “push” dispenser operation provides one-handed delivery of soap making it easy to use. Efficiently dispensed in a wide spray pattern that fully covers the skin, helping to thoroughly reduce germs on your hands. The metered dose combined with the revolutionary spray delivery provides cost savings by eliminating overuse. Compact dispenser fit anywhere and is available in white or metallic to coordinate with the restroom décor. The dispenser takes a 400ml refill and is ADA compliant.

Technical Concepts SaniCell Tank Refills – Purinel SC Blue TC 750865

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Earlier this week I introduced you to the Sani Tank automatic cleaner for your tank toilet. But I dont think I introduced you to the refills and your choices of cleaner. Purinel SC formula to attack and eliminate sources of odor in the bowl, clean toilet surfaces and maintain drains continuously. The SC Blue is a blue colored concentrated cleaner that maintains your toilets for weeks at a time, reducing maintenance

Technical Concepts – Economy Gel Dispenser TC 401220

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Technical Concepts is known for their wide array of air fresheners and scents. One that isn’t as popular as the Microburst and T cell brands, but just as effective is the TC Gel System. One of the more simpler and low maintenance of the Technical Concepts air freshener family.

The TC Gel System is fully automatic and uses easy to load, drop n’ go gel refills. The gel refills provide up to 30 days of continuous odor control. The technical concepts gel inserts contain the patented TC Microtrans odor neutralizer, a system that locks onto odor molecules and eliminates them…not just covers it up.

Besides those great traits, the TC Gel System and Gels are biodegradable and recyclable making them completely environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful after effects in our delicate ecosystem.  The refills come in a wide array of scents and fragrances and will enhance any washroom experience.

technical concepts gel

Technical Concepts SaniCell Tank Dispenser TC 750375

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

As we all know, cleaning toilets by hand is a hassle, gross and just not something you want to do. Technical Concepts as always, has come up with a solution to your problem. Technical Concepts is pleased to introduce the next generation in continuous toilet cleaning systems called the SaniCell Tank. The SaniCell is a super concentrated fixture cleaner for sparkling clean toilets. The system delivers a concentrated Purinel SC formula to attack and eliminate sources of odor in the bowl, clean toilet surfaces and maintain drains continuously.

That sounds like something I like!
Super discreet, SaniCell is designed to dramatically improve the overall cleanliness and image of any washroom. Environmentally friendly cell technology delivers consistent metered dosing of concentrated formula which prevents the build up of uric scale in pipes and hard water deposits on fixture surfaces. The system discreetly installs inside tank toilets and continuously cleans with no moving parts. The delivery tube clips into the overflow tube, delivering concentrated formula to those hard to reach areas, such as rim holes, and ensures that the fixture is clean.

This unique product greatly reduces maintenance time, allowing for more productivity. Try it and love it!