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Its the Holiday Season!

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Aw, the end of December. The days of giving. Where the children laugh in boisterous spirits and the businesses close for a few days for the season. It just brings (manly) tears to my (Superhero) eyes. I just thought I’d take this time to blog to you my favorite holiday memory as a young hero.

it was around this time, in 1989, that I knew my destiny in life. Mom was in the kitchen getting started on breakfast. Dad was getting ready for work (not the hero job but his alter-ego as a contractor). I was on school holiday and bored out of mind when Dad said, “How about work with me today, Son?” i jumped at the idea, i knew Mom would have relished putting me to work that day, and I just wasn’t potato peeling type of kid.

I grabbed my toolbelt and boots and jumped in Dad’s pickup truck. He was installing new partitions and washroom accessories in the bathroom of a building being renovated. As he set to work, he quickly noticed that he was out of faucet cover plates. They looked something like this. We drove to every plumbing supply store in town, but to no avail, there were none in the entire city! it was then that I had my first super saving epiphany. Using a super secret supply getting formula I invented, I called up the manufacturer. Long story short, I got the cover plates, for less than half price.

And this was the first time, I saved the day. I was one smart 8 year old.

Happy Holidays!

Technical Concepts – SaniSense Deodorizer TC 402348

Friday, December 16th, 2011

If you have ever been a guest of a women’s public bathroom (not that I have of course, I’m a guy) I’m sure you know that the sanitary napkin holders available in each stall are not the…most exhilarating experience of a bathroom. Technical Concepts has a product that deodorizes the sanitary napkin holder and is effective for up to eight weeks. The Technical Concepts SaniSense automatically activates when sanitary waste is placed in the Sanitary Bin. Pathogens and harmful bacteria are deactivated and restrained from multiplying, ensuring safe storage of soiled dressings.

Unlike traditional deodorizers that merely camouflage, Technical Concepts eliminates odors with Microtrans™. A blend of chemistry and physics, Microtrans locks on to malodor molecules, kills bad odors and maintains freshness.

Purell Perfect Placement for Restrooms

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Purell has come out with the perfect way to help ensure that your restroom users leave with clean hands. The Purell Perfect placement is designed to fit where you need it…just as the users walk out the door to provide extra protection against germs and bacteris. Check out the Youtube video below!

Technical Concepts Infrared AutoFaucet 401280

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Technical Concepts is an expert when it comes to No Touch technology. Check out this infrared autofaucet TC 401280. The faucet saves up to 70% in water usage by only activating when a hand is placed near the sensor. The Infrared Autofaucet also contains a technology that controls water flow and eliminates uncontrolled dripping and leaks from valves.

The faucet also helps is less mess around the sink area, because it is no touch, users don’t have to bring drippy wet hands back to turn off the taps. Reducing the likelihood of having a wet area around the sink area and germy surfaces for bathroom users to touch.

technical concepts infrared autofaucet 401280