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Rion Greenhouses: Growing Made Simple

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


With Rion Greenhouses, there are two categories. Easy growing and easy building and maintenance. For those of you looking for a low cost great option but are not so inclined with the building and set up process, Rion has the line of Easy2Build greenhouses.

The 6×10 Garden Greenhouse STC PG26C

STC 6×10 Garden Greenhouse
- Green color Galvanized steele frame
- Double ply poly cover that is 100% UV protected
- Easy to assemble. Oner person can do it all!
- This Greenhouse will take care of your plants!
- 100% UV protection: protects plants and you from harmful rays
- Classic “Apex” Roof Design provides plenty of head room, over 7 feet tall!
- Zipper door for ease of entry and proper ventilation
- 6×10 Dimensions are perfect for the Home Gardener
- Stakes to secure the unit from wind are a Standard Feature
- Very easy to read pictured assembly instructions
- 30 minutes to assemble
- Door height makes entry easy!
- Corrosion Free materials
- Requires only your hands to assemble. No tools needed!
- Lifetime warranty on the Frame / 5 year warranty on poly cover
- Made with the customers budget in mind

6×10 Poly-Greenhouse STC 45610

he Easy2Build PolyGreenhouse is great addition to any backyard! A heavy gauged, corrosion-free, extruded aluminum frame supports the tough polyethylene cover. The cover allows for 93% light penetration so your plants will grow strong. The provided cover is good for at least 3 years and replacement covers are inexpensive and readily available. The Easy Lock fastening system uses a simple “push & click” technology; and when done, the polyethylene cover creates a perfect seal, no worries about loose ends or overlapping material. The seal created by the EasyLock system gives you high quality temperatures and humidity control so you can adjust the atmosphere in the greenhouse. Two simple “SmartVents” are included with each greenhouse, these vents aid in temperature control. Real door included with the greenhouse; no more Velcro or zippered flaps! No Base necessary for this greenhouse. Stands freely wherever you decide to put it.

All of our Greenhouses come with a complimentary 1-year subscription and Membership to the Hobby Greenhouse Association. Each quarter you will receive their publication, packed to with various articles, tips, expert opinions and more.

- Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum
- 6 Mil polyethylene cover – good for 3 years! (93% Light Penetration)
- EasyLock fastening system for polyethylene sheets creates the PERFECT SEAL; for high temperature and humidity control.
- Smart Vent System: 2 “simple” extraction vents included.
- Ground Stakes Included
- NO Base necessary. Sturdy design allows it to stand alone
- Easy to put together – 2-4 hours assembly time. Requires only Phillips screwdriver and pliers
- Patented “Push & Click” connectors
- Corrosion Free materials
- Israeli Engineered

Shipping Information:
- Arrives in 1 box
- Shipping weight: 88 lbs.
- Box size: 78”L x 29” W x 9”H

Spring Is In The Air!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


its that time again, Spring…the season of new birth and flowers and fresh air and happiness. If you are into gardening this is the time to be thinking about planting season and seeding and what plants you want to culture. Supplyhero has something that can help with that…our awesome selection of greenhouses. Over the next few blog entries I will be highlighting some of our most popular brands and sizes of greenhouses from the simple to the extraordinary, so that it is easier for you to pick just the right one for your climate and planting.

American Specialties Tamper Resistant/Security Mirror

Monday, March 5th, 2012

American Specialties has a complete line of security or tamper resistant bathroom accessories that are perfect for facilities where it is necessary to protect against vandalism and harm. These accessories are perfect for such places as school and edicational facilities, gas stations, psychological institutions, youth homes and prisons.

Today I am highlighting the security mirror ASI 107. this is a front mounted one piece mirror with frame. It is made of type 304 stainless steel and fabricated with rounded corners so that there are no sharp edges.

Click here for the specification sheet and mounting instructions.