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Trah Liners gauges. Thickness in liners

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Gauge is a term used in the trash can liner industry to describe the thickness of a liner. Gauge is typically stated either in mils or microns.


A mil is a measurement based on a thousandth of an inch (.001). Linear Low Density trash can liners will range from .30 to 2.0 mils. Improved resin technologies have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner trash can liners that are much stronger than the trash can liners of the past.


A micron is a measurement based on one hundred thousandths of an inch (.00001). High Density trash can liners range from 6 to 24 microns.



Low density vs high density trash bags

Thursday, October 25th, 2012


Trash bags of low density are made out of “low-density polyethylene” (LDPE) material. It was the first grade of polyethylene using high pressure process. Plastic bags out of LDPE are commonly recycled.

Low density trash bags are typically translucent, flexible and tough. They are extremely strong bags that are water and tearing resistant. Trash bags of this kind are stretchable and can make bigger space for contents that need to be tied closely.

Low density trash bags are better for handling sharp objects like kitchen utensils or shattered glass, and wet wastes like left-over foods. Moreover, low density bags are also used as food bags to freshly carry any kind of foods. Making Low density trashbags ideal for those in the food or restaurant industry.


Trash bags of high density are made out of “high-density polyethylene” (HDPE) material. The difference is it provides more strength than low density trash bags.

High density trash bags are made stronger and more durable than low density ones. Its plastic is thicker, features better puncture resistance, and can extraordinarily handle weightier materials.

So if you require heavy-duty plastic bags for commercial or industrial purpose, this one is for you. It is widely used in hospitals, contract cleaners, and other businesses that need to carry loads of materials or wastes.

Industrial 65 gallon Can Liners

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Its not that easy to just go into a retail store and find large barrel can liners. Here at supplyhero we carry liners from 13 gallons to 65 gallons, in both high and low density. And from light duty to heavy duty depending on what youre disposing of. Over the next coming days i will highlight the different types of trash bags (because there are many!) and show which best suits you and your business!

Umbrella Stands

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Its been a rash of rainy days lately and I decided this is the perfect time to highlight the umbrella stands we carry here on the site. Instead of having visitors and consumer walking around with dripping umbrellas causing a hazard for other visitors walking around, simply have a stand available for them to hang up and dry until time to leave again. This umbrella stand hold up to eight umbrellas with a water catching bowl.


Rubbermaid Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

This low noise, lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner holds 10 quarts of waste in the receptacle. It operates with a four stage HEPA filtration system that helps improve air quality where ever you use it. The flexible hose and crevice tool lets you clean in almost any space. This multipurpose vacuum also includes a floor tool, dusting brush, aluminum wand, and upholstery tool.