Earn $50–Send Us a Video That Shows How You Assembled Your Shed

Do you want to earn some extra money? All you have to do is video tape the process of assembling your outdoor storage shed.

Our future customers would really benefit from the lessons that you learned.

We will pay you $50 for your video. That’s right…$50 for the video.

The only requirements for the video to earn the $50 payment is the following:

–Keep the video clean—no foul words

–Keep the video positive…help future customers with helpful ideas or just a video of how your storage shed got assembled. Do not use the video to complain about putting the shed together.

–Put a sign up on your shed (you can use very large lettering on a piece of paper (please use a magic marker for lettering) that is at least standard notebook size paper–8.5″ x 11″ paper..but bigger is better). The sign needs to include the name Supply Hero large enough that we can see it in your video. The reason for the sign is to keep other websites from copying your video and using it on their website.

–The video must include all aspects of building the shed and not just a video of the final product after it is built.

Email the video to customerservice@supplyhero.com. Please include your name, address, hometown and phone number. We will only publish your first initial, last name and hometown. We will NOT publish your phone number, address or email address. We just need them in case we need to contact you and definitely to mail you a check.


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