Send Us A Picture of Your Duramax or Rion Greenhouse and We Will Post It On Our Website

We want to share your Duramax Greenhouse or Rion Greenhouse with everyone else. You would be helping future greenhouse customers understand the different looks that greenhouses can take on. Feel free to include your family, your friend, and/or your pet in the picture. We will publish the picture with or without people in it…but, we sure would like to see our happy customers.

For example, many of our customers want to know how a greenhouse would look like when it is placed on gravel, dirt, concrete, wooden ties or a backyard deck.

Customers also want to know how others landscaped the area around their greenhouse

If you have an unusual set up inside your greenhouse we hope that you will include a picture of the inside of your greenhouse, too.

I am certain that you had questions about your greenhouse purchase which you did not really understand until it arrived and was put together on your property. Please help us help future customers!

Please email your picture to Please include your name and hometown. We will only use the first initial for your first name when we post it. We would also like to hear about your experience buying a greenhouse from Supply Hero…we will be posting those comments as well.

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