If you are in a business with high traffic to the bathrooms, you may find that you have to change the paper in your bathroom stalls often when you use regular sized rolls. A better option for you might be to get the jumbo roll dispenser. it carries two large 9 inch diameter toilet paper rolls. Cutting down on bost cost in use and maintenance for your bathroom. The dispenser B 2892 is both attractive and sturdy with its stainless steel furnishings.


Equipped with tumbler lock. Dispensing mechanism holds two 10″ (255mm) dia. rolls, convertible in field to hold 2 1/4″ and 3″ (55 and 75mm) dia. core rolls.
Sliding access panel exposes one roll at a time, allows easy roll change-over.
Wide viewing slot in door reveals amount of tissue on both rolls.
Quick reloading. 20 13/16″ W, 11 3/8″ H, 6 3/16″ D (530 x 290 x 160mm).
Similar to B-2893, but equiped with spindles to hold 2 1/4″ (55mm) diameter core rolls; convertible for 3″ (75mm) diameter core rolls.

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