Surface Mounted vs Recessed

The universe of paper towel dispensers is a vast and diverse place, its landscape boasts numerous choices of manufacturers, dispensers, and believe it or not, paper. It can be a daunting task choosing from more than 10 manufacturers like Bobrick, Palmer, Georgia Pacific and San Jamar, to name a few.To add further confusion customers must navigate options like surface mount, recessed, hands free, with/without waste receptacles, contoured, classic, heavy-gage vinyl, stainless steel, all in different shapes and sizes- followed by a an array of adapter kits.The final piece to this seemingly difficult task is the ever-precious paper.Color options are generally simple (brown or white) once that hurdle is cleared its time to decide on roll towel, single fold, center pull, and c-fold or multi-fold.

So, which ones looks the best?Which one performs the best?Which ones fit?Which ones are the cheapest?Which one is right for you?It’s not an easy task and sometimes too many option can be just as frustrating (if not more) as too few, especially when a lot of these questions have no clear cut answer.Being in the industry of paper towels and mechanisms that dispense them, one of my first tasks on the job was to sort through this enormous and potentially intimidating world.

Let’s start by sorting through the types of dispensers offered, down the road we’ll work our way into who makes them and what works best for different settings.Once we’ve had sorted through those details the paper and pricing should work itself out rather easily.

There are two major categories of paper towel dispensers; surface mounted (AJ Washroom- Hands free roll towel dispenser) and recessed (Bobrick Classic Series recessed paper towel dispenser).Surface mounted towel dispensers are mounted on walls, generally screwed directly onto the wall using screws and anchors.The other option is a recessed paper dispenser; these are mounted in the wall. Generally during construction the appropriate sized hole is cut or built into the wall and the dispenser is set into that space.Retroactively holes can be cut to fit this type of product, but as you can guess its much more work than a wall-mounted dispenser.

Much of the benefit for either type of dispenser is subjective, in that different features appeal to different customers.Some prefer the look of a recessed paper dispenser, and for those that wish to have a recessed waste receptacle, it makes perfect sense.Not only is this option sharp looking, but it also uses less of the functional space and can come in handy for smaller or traffic heavy bathrooms.

The benefits of the wall-mounted paper dispenser, starts with ease of installation and variety.Just a few screws and a drill, and you’re in business.The nice thing about a wall-mount is that if it breaks or you wish to upgrade to the newest or different technology you can -you don’t have the woes of fitting the dispenser to the size of the hole in your wall- like you would with a recessed dispenser.You simply pull it off the wall and put up a new one.As far as variety goes, both types of dispenser come in metal and plastic, but in terms of choices and looks you are going to find more options with wall mounted dispensers than you will with recessed.

This is just one step of many towards the selection of paper towel dispenser, but when choosing a paper towel dispenser, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want surface mounted or recessed.Base your decision on the information above, and see how it matches up with your needs and preferences.

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